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Share your Photos and Videos on a Larger Screen

Mobizen Mirroring instantly streams your media

Using your smartphone from your PC becomes a reality
with Mobizen. Type using your keyboard, view photos
and videos stored on your phone and use mobile apps.
Using your smartphone has never been more convenient.

Tap, Swipe, Drag – Perfect Android Phone Mirroring

Control your Android as you always have

Tap, swipe, drag – Perfect Android Phone Mirroring

Mobizen"s intuitive design allows you to control your Android as if it were in your hands. Tapping, swiping or dragging with your mouse has never been easier. The best of mobile and desktop experiences have been combined into one with Mobizen.

Connect to your Android anywhere

Connect from either a browser or PC application

connect to your android from a browser or pc

Use either a web browser or PC application to continue using mobile apps and accessing multimedia content. Infinitely expand your Android experience with Mobizen Mirroring.

It"s Easy to Get Started!

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0. Download Mobizen Mirroring from The Google Play Store
0. Download and install Mobizen PC to your desktop
0. Connect to your Android

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Local Network (USB, Wifi connection)
Mirroring via a web browser
Mobile control with keyboard and mouse (Android)
File browser and transfer (Android)
Screencapture (including continuous capturing feature)
Hardware key available
Custom skin on mirroring program (selected device only)

Features - Basic

Remote Network (3G/LTE/Wifi)
Mirroring in full screen
Adjust transparency (ghost mode)
On-screen drawing (Android)
Record mirrored screen
Call / SMS notification
App push notification
iOS Airplay Mirroring
No watermark

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